Your own developers on demand.

We leverage our proprietary technology and global community of 4M+ engineers to build high performing product teams.

Ditch the traditional recruiting model.


Hire in a few weeks, not months.

We filter out the noise so you can focus on candidates that meet your requirements.


Our placement accuracy stands at 96%.

Our proprietary vetting system grades candidates by skill.


Get full-time employees for the long run.

Cultural alignment guarantees a team with vested interest in the project.

Being engineers ourselves, we do things differently.

We built Level Up, an engineering community with more than 4M monthly members, and Skillreveal, a platform that rigorously evaluates engineers’ technical and soft skills.

Our goal is to help you create sustainable value for your customers, investors, and team members. Our global talent network solves the most difficult part of building a great company - scaling your team.

Monthly developers
Countries respresented
Interviews completed
Products scaled

Transform your backlog into satisfied customers

We place candidates successfully in 2-4 weeks.

1.Team Definition & Scope
From your specifications, we build an entire team of experts or extend your in-house team.
We source candidates from our vast extended network of engineers.
3.Extensive Vetting
The candidates go through a 5h+ process to completely map out their profiles based on specific skill levels and soft skills.
4.Skill Match
Our A.I. tool matches candidates with profiles that suit your specific needs.
The odds are in your favor. We stand at 96% placement accuracy. This is when you meet your next engineer.

Don't take our word for it.

Global Consultancy

A seamless and efficient partnership. Our managed teams have been critical resources to our clients. Always delivering on time and providing great ROI.

R. Van Winkle

Elevate Football

As non-technical founder, 1648's assistance was immense and has unquestionably increased our chances of success.

Bruno L.


We used 1648 to build our engineering after receiving seed funding. Their engineers and designers were very talented and allowed us to iterate quickly.

Alex M.


Best team I have ever worked with. Our MVP was built with very rigorous DevOps hygiene. As we work in a highly regulated workspace, that was critical to safeguard our data.

Bruno .G


Great web3 developers!Their team was able to work quickly on a very time sensitive project and managed to develop a stunning masterpiece.

Sebastian O.


The team assembled by 1648 exceeded my expectations. There are zero communication gaps. The placements were a fluid extension of my in-house team.

Rob H.


We were able to speed up product delivery while heavily reducing costs. 1648 has been hands down the best partner for talent we have met.

Christian L.

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